Finishing Yard

What does a "Finishing Yard" supplier type mean?

A "finishing yard" supplier type indicates a large commercial feeding location that has been trained onsite and approved to receive, feed and market cattle direct to the packer under the claims listed on their approval profile.

"Finishing Yard" locations are eligible to become approved for the following claims: Source and Age, Non-hormone Treated Cattle, Verified Natural Beef, and Humane Handling.

All locations must be approved prior to receiving and shipping verified cattle.

What type of documentation should I see from this type of supplier?

All loads shipped from a "Finishing Yard" to a packing facility should be accompanied by the packer's required documentation. In some instances, packers may also require a Tag Manifest accompanies cattle with PCTs indicating the individual PCTs of the approved group.

If a packer does not have specific documents they require, the "Finishing Yard" should send a Ship Card indicating the claim(s) the approved cattle represent.

If cattle have arrived without the appropriate documents, please contact the approved supplier to obtain them. If you are having difficulty obtaining these documents from the approved supplier, please contact IMI Global at (866) 395-5883.