Sale Barn

What does a "Sale Barn" supplier type mean?

A "Sale Barn" supplier type indicates a sale barn that has been trained and approved to receive cattle to be sold and shipped to other approved locations.

"Sale Barn" locations are eligible to become approved for the following claims: Source and Age, Non-Hormone Treated Cattle, and Verified Natural Beef (NeverEver3).

All cattle received at the sale barn to be sold as one or more of the above claims must be approved for that claim(s) at the ranch, prior to receiving the cattle at the sale barn.

The "Sale Barn" location must be approved prior to receiving and shipping verified cattle.

What type of documentation should I see from this type of supplier?

All loads shipped from a "Sale Barn" should be accompanied by a Ship Card indicating the claim(s) the cattle represent and a tag manifest indicating individual calf identification for cattle identified with a program complaint tag.

Depending on the scope of the program, the oldest date of birth of the group being shipped may be an adjusted date. The appropriate date of birth (adjusted or actual) for the oldest calf on the load will be represented on the Ship Card. The individual manifest may also indicate the appropriate date of birth for each animal on the load.

If cattle have arrived without the appropriate documents, please contact the approved supplier to obtain them. If you are having difficulty obtaining these documents from the approved supplier, please contact IMI Global at (866) 395-5883.